week 6 reflection

1. What new resources, curated resources, or ideas did you share this week?

I shared a blog by Jackie Gerstein and the seven suggestions she had for play with technology:

  • Let learners bring in their devices (all types – mobile, gaming, robotics) for use in the classroom, to reinforce learning, and for show and tell.
  • Use some educational monies to purchase “fun” technologies – gaming systems, Lego robotics, iPad apps.
  • Give kids unstructured free time play using their and their peer’s devices.
  • Ask learners to teach you and the class about a technology he or she is using at home.
  • Give learners a choice how they want to demonstrate their content area learning – a video? a online game?  a board game?
  • Explore and integrate Maker Education as part of the curriculum.
  • Encourage and provide the time and tools for students to share their learning with a global audience – e.g. Skyping with another classroom, blogging, Tweeting, creating videos and newscast.

2. What did you intend these new resources, curated resources, or ideas to do in terms of impacting others’ learning? 

These suggestions just stuck with me so I thought I would share them with my classmates. They might be helpful for someone. Never hurts to share our thoughts and ideas. I have learned a lot from my classmates and was just hoping to share some good suggestions with them.

3. What was the actual impact (that you could discern)?

Because I am a week behind I am not sure there will be an impact. We are busy and I don’t expect my colleges to go back and read post that should have already been posted. I did however post the seven suggestions on a few classmates’ blogs. After reading their blogs I thought it could help them.

4. What would you do differently next week?

I will be right on track with the class and will be able to give my input at the correct time in hopes that it helps my classmates.

5. What resources did others share that made a difference to your learning?

Heather shared 5 keys bulletin about when we play. I am saved them and will share with our principals at our elementary school how often cancel PE and recess when there is no sub. Karen shared several websites for math play that I am going to use with my own children.


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