week 5 reflection

We all know that the culture in our classrooms is very different from the classroom we sat in as students. Today our classrooms differ from teacher to teacher. We need to embrace that change.

Karens last paragraph of her blog 5 really stuck with me. “The classroom is changing because the world is changing. Teachers are the link between the world as it is and the world as it will be. We must be constantly evolving as individuals and educators in order to challenge our students to think and learn with hope that by the end of 12 years they will be able to contribute to and adapt with the whirlwind of change coming in the next generation.” In my science classroom we talk a lot about global warming because we have seen so much change here in Barrow, Alaska.  I share the link of the past with the present and we work together on hypothesis.

I encourage Jennifer to try PBL in her classroom. I love place-based learning and my students are more engaged in the project or task because it is about them and their culture. It is more meaningful for them to butcher, dissect or prepare the animal then to read about. I am not sure what she able to do with 30 little ones but I hope parents and community members will come in to help her.

I told Courtney about Safari Montage and hopes that is something her school will look into. It should help with her bandwidth problem.

I do share some of Jon’s frustration and I love reading his blogs and reflections. He says it like it is.

My mentor project is going along great and my mentee is learning a lot about smart board and is ready to use it for the first time in his classroom this coming week or next. YAY!


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