WOW! Mentor projects… great job

Not sure what happened to my first post.

Mentoring projects reflection:

WOW! I feel like my mentor project could be better or more in depth because my classmates are really scholars. I wish I were being mentored by more than half of my classmates. I look forward to reading about their successes with the mentoring projects.

I shared some smart board websites and I tried to share a movie but was unable. Anyone that uses a smart board can sign up an account and get free web training. I am using some of resources with my mentee and hoped that they would be helpful to my classmates.

Deb is also doing something with smart board and clickers with her mentee and I am hoping that we can share our experience. I am concerned about data collection. My mentee and I are having fun with the smart board and he is learning how to use it and we are finding lessons for language arts. I am just not sure what the data collection is. Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

From Jon I got the idea to use a KWL about the smart board with my mentee. I have used KWLs in my classrooms so hopefully I can get some insight to what my mentee is learning. At our next meeting I will start the KWL and that can help drive our direction with the training.

I should have done a survey with my staff about what they would have liked to learn. I have fear of teaching technology and so I went with something I was somewhat comfortable and really didn’t challenge myself.



One thought on “WOW! Mentor projects… great job

  1. What a great opportunity to learn in a “collective”! While you can take the lead, your colleagues can research what they want to know more about and you can learn together. You are in a position as a staff to create a marvelous technology infrastructure that could serve future staff. I look forward to reading about your progress!

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