Mentor project ~ SMART Board ~

Since work has started I have been mentoring my new principal, new counselor, new language arts teacher and new math teacher. Yes that’s right I am the only returning staff member to my school. What a challenging start to the school year. I have been mentoring them in the workings of our school. I was ‘given’ the roll as lead teacher and sit on a leadership team.

When talking with my staff about educational technology and what could I possible mentor them in we came up with smart board training. Now I am not where near an expert in using the smart board but I am up for the challenge to train and help my coworker.


Mentor Project:

I will be working with three of my staff members. Two of three have no experience with smart board at all and the other one had minimal experience with smart board. This project will run until my co-workers are comfortable with smart board and notebook software.

First: we will start with installing the software on to their computers. We have four smart boards in our school and I am currently the only person who uses one. I will have everyone register for an account with SMART exchange.

Second: We will watch a few videos on how to use smart board. The first video will cover:

  • Connect the interactive whiteboard
  • Use the Pen-Tray tools
  • Write on the interactive whiteboard
  • Orient your SMART Board
  • Access and control applications
  • Work with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

Third: we will go over SMART Board tools

Fourth: we will go over Hardware basics and Functions

Fifth: we will look at student lesson plans. We will start with some of the lesson plans that I have already made.

I am not sure where we will go after this. Suggestions would be nice.


I am not sure how I will be collecting data for this. It will be through observations and staff collaboration. 







2 thoughts on “Mentor project ~ SMART Board ~

  1. We use Smartboards in Dillingham and I really like mine! All of our curriculum programs have a digital version. I display workbook pages for students to do as a class on the board; sometimes I will load their Social Studies textbook, click on a listening icon and they listen to the chapter being read to them while reading along; I load math games that they take turns playing; we write and correct sentences; sometimes I load digital articles from the newspaper for them to read and discuss.

    There is a “Smartboard nation” with thousands of lessons but as of yet I have only found PowerPoint lessons or lessons you have to buy. That being said the digital world is at your fingertips and can be displayed on your board.

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