Fall Whaling in Barrow, Alaska

Here are some pictures from the whale that our crew was gifted with. This is why I have been so busy and absent from my studies.


Our children waiting for their dad and crew to pull in our whale.

ImageGift of the bowhead whale.  He was 30’2″ long.


Akootchook crew whaling crew flag flies. This whale was dedicated to the honor of Captain Joe’s two uncles that have passed on.


My family


Akootchook crew captain Joes first cuts


Shares being cut up to give to all registered fall whaling captains. Because this is Joes first whale as Captain of Akootchook crew he has to give the entire whale away. Some of the whale was saved to be cut, boiled and served to the community.


Cutting up different parts of the whale to boil and serve to the community. We cut up maktuk, heart, tongue, kidney, and intestine to boil. We also cut up tail but we do not boil it. This processes takes one or two days.


Making baggies of whale to give out to the community.


Elder comes and sit at the table to enjoy the feast. other community members get a baggie to go.


After serving to the community and cleaning up the house and whaling gear we spent the rest of the evening “having aggi” dancing.


Current captain and “wife” (we are not married yet) and former captain and wife.

Alice and Joe with his Uncle Roy and Aunt Flossie


3 thoughts on “Fall Whaling in Barrow, Alaska

  1. Congratulations!!!

    This has got to be the ultimate classroom experience. Yeah, so you’re a little late posting but the teacher and her students gotta eat! Dinner in Barrow takes a while to make 🙂

    What a beautiful family and gorgeous pictures. I will be sharing with my students.

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