Week 3 reflection

Fear! We all share a sense of fear.

I have a big fear of writing, hence one of the reason I have fallen behind, and I work at trying to get over it but it is hard. Burgess gives us some great information in the last part of his book and my peers have given me some great information on how to personal get over my fear of writing. I love to talk and share just not write.

When talking with  my peers and coworkers I was given the confidence that I needed to push forward. I had to stop making excuses, valid or not, and move forward.

I saw that Ginger and I happened to run across the same article and even video (I didn’t post). But is was Ginger’s first sentences that really stuck with me, “Keeping focused on excellence is important when we are innovating in the classroom and with our professional lives.” So what I have learned for my peers and coworkers/friends is that I need to stay focused.


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