week 7

What tool did you learn this week to assist you in differentiating the learning process for students?

I did my Module 1 assignment on Khan academy so I am focusing this blog on a new tool called xtramath. It is a free online program to help your child or students with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This program is set up for parents or teachers. I am signed in a parent right now and enrolled my second grader and third grader. My 2nd grader has all ready started and she likes what she doing. This will help her with her review for addition and subtraction facts. And when she is ready to move on to multiplication and division she can. As the parent I can login and see how my kids are doing. It will show me the date and time of when one of my kids logged in and what they accomplished that day. The programs gives you a percents and shows you want problems they got wrong.

Once she has mastered or I feel that she mastered I can change the program that she is in. Here is a list of the programs the xtramath offers. Image

I like this program because my kids can practice their skills over and over again. It is kid friendly and will go great with the Khan academy.


Week 6: Differentiate

What does it mean to differentiate the process (content, strategies for instruction) in the classroom?

I taught my first two years of teaching in my hometown of Ruby, Alaska. I was thee high school teacher, teaching all subject to about ten students, 9-12th grade. I had to learn to differentiate my content and instruction fast. I was given Marzano’s book Classroom instructions that work and a couple others, very helpful books for a first year teacher. I also had my students take a learning styles test. The learning styles test was awesome and I totally forgot about it until just now. I must find it so my current students can take it.

During the math period we used Saxton math books. I would start the class off with all students doing the same problem, like a fraction problem or geometry problem. We would find the answer in several ways: on the white board, using hands-on materials, and a computer/calculator. After the group problem then I would start the day’s lecture and stop when one student or group was to start their assignment. I would continue with the other students until I reached the level of highest students. So during my 90-minute class period I would have everyone complete the group work and then my general math students, pre-algebra, geometry and algebra students start.

In the alternative school that I am in I have to differentiate everything. All of my students might be in high school but I have students with reading levels from 1st grade to advanced college reading. So for my biology class we are learning about the life cycle. I might have some of my student’s research and identifying cycles, i.e. days of the week, years, water cycle, etc.  I have some working on more complex projects about the life cycle of a whale, since whaling is coming up. I have a new mom so the life cycle of baby. We do activities as a class and I differentiate my content to each students needs, as long as the standard is met I am good to go. Some days are harder than other but we make it works. I am big on bring in the Inupiaq culture whenever possible because the student seems to identify and get the content when taught that way. We will be studying DNA this quarter and the two of the lab experiments I have is extracting DNA from a whale and making your name into the DNA double helix.ImageThis young mans first time skinning and butcher a caribou. He brought home half the meat to his parents and siblings.


week 5

What are your overall take-aways from the methods/tools that you might use to differentiate the classroom environment (for teacher productivity and student progression)? Which of these may you use in your classroom in the future?

My overall take way is WOW! I have a lot to learn in the technology department. I had heard of some of the tools but never researched or thought about using them in my classrooms.

 I will be using survey monkey, both in my classroom and school wide.

 Because I am now a blogger I will attempt to use a blog for my classes. My students, parents and community members will have access to the blog and can post and make connections.

 For math I will be using Khan academy.  I have already started it with my third grader and I have few students that am I going to introduce to it now so they can review for the HSGQE.

 I want to learn more about Evernote, Edmodo, Wikispaces, and Dropbox before I ever attempt to share them with my class.

It seems to me that there are a lot of different technology tools out there to use. We just have to do the research to find them and learn them ourselves. The question is when do I do the research and which one do I spend my time on first?


week 4

As I feared my schoolwork would get affected with the openness of this class. I had to put my schoolwork on the back burner for my family. Every time I sat down to attempt homework I couldn’t do it. But all is well now and I am refocused and ready to finish out this semester with a bang.


How can I use tools “in the cloud” to easily manage and deliver feedback to my students?


Currently, I get give students feedback by writing on their homework assignments, exams and projects that have been graded. They also get a weekly progress report from PowerSchool. This process is not always affective.

As we research more and more for this class about technology tools that would be helpful for teaching I am learning more and more. I have a long way to go because I teach so many different subjects at the high school level and want to use a tool that will help with all subjects and activities. So I have focused on using survey monkey and having my students create a blog. Since all of our students have access to an email address provided by the school district and have access to computers while at school.  I will post a question on my blog for the students to answer. It might be an end of unit question or being of the unit question. I just know that I need to bring more technology into my classroom.

I have been researching Dropbox and Evernote to see if they will work for me.


Question for my classmates and followers: What technology tool would you use for a skin sewing class? Is there one?Image

Mukluks I made for Joe. My first pair of hard bottom fancy mukluks.